Watertown Student Ministries

Watertown Student Ministries is all about caring for and supporting students as they journey through 6th to 12th grade. We love having fun and discovering what it means to follow Jesus and love those around us. We believe that God is at work in each student’s life and we love coming alongside students as they encounter Jesus. Every student has a group of friends and caring adults to help them explore the Christian faith. We invest in relationships because our mission is for every student to be known and cared for. 

During this time of social distancing, WATSM hosts Grace Students Live on the first Sunday of the month at 7pm on our Grace Chapel YouTube channel. This will be followed by a WATSM Zoom call to hang out and play games. 

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Small Groups

On the second through fourth weeks of the month, students will have the opportunity to meet in small groups. Our middle school and high school small groups will be meeting on Zoom at the following times:   

For details on Small Groups at our Watertown Campus, contact our Director of Student Ministry, La Nascimento.

Small Groups Questions?


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