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Social Justice Resources

The student ministry team has compiled the following resources to begin to help equip parents who want to learn more about social justice and begin conversations with their children regarding this issue. If you want to learn more or have any questions feel free to reach out to your students campus director. 

Talking with Your Kids about Racism


The Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights, written by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Tim Ladwig

Since the earliest days of slavery, African Americans have called on their religious faith in the struggle against oppression. In this book the Beatitudes -- from Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount -- form the backdrop for Carole Boston Weatherford's powerful free-verse poem that traces the African American journey from slavery to civil rights. Tim Ladwig's stirring illustrations showcase a panorama of heroes in this struggle, from the slaves shackled in the hold of a ship to the first African American president taking his oath of office on the steps of the United States Capitol. Readers of all ages will find this a book to return to again and again for encouragement and inspiration.

Be the Bridge: Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation, written by LaTasha Morrison

A leading advocate for racial reconciliation offers a clarion call for Christians to move toward relationship and deeper understanding in the midst of a divisive culture. With racial tensions as high within the church as outside the church, it is time for Christians to become the leaders in the conversation on racial reconciliation. This power-packed guide helps readers deepen their understanding of historical factors and present realities, equipping them to participate in the ongoing dialogue and to serve as catalysts for righteousness, justice, healing, transformation, and reconciliation.

Grace Chapel Podcast

Understanding Shame and Failure From the Perspective of the Asian Community

The feelings of shame and failure can be weighty, complicated, and difficult to navigate. Truth be told, these emotions impact us whether we admit it or not.

Our host Pastor Tim Ghali speaks with Pastors Jeanette Yep and Tom Lee as they share their insights and perspectives from their Eastern and Middle East cultures. The conversation also includes the rising violence and the hatred against Asian-Americans that has been occurring recently in our country and concludes on the hope found in such times. Links mentioned from this episode and further reading: Assaults on Asian Americans spike nationwide amid coronavirus pandemic - Homepage of STOPAAPIHATE Asian American Studies - from UPENN

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Hope in the Face of Racial Injustice 

During this podcast, we explore what hope we can have in the midst of racial injustice and features Bryan Wilkerson (Sr, Pastor, Grace Chapel) and Jua Robinson (Executive Director, Boston Collaborative) being interviewed by Tim Ghali (Pastor of Group Life, Grace Chapel). Our discussion touched on the following topics, including the events at the Capitol, observing MLK Day, white privilege, and how hope fits into the journey of pursuing racial justice.

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Other Grace Chapel Resources


What would you do if you were a witness to social injustice and inequality?

Building Gospel Bridges

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