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Grace Chapel serves several communities in and around the Greater Boston area, and is committed to being a valued, integral part of our local community. By supporting and serving alongside community organizations within the towns around our campuses, we seek to actively live out the love of Christ towards all those around us.

What is Community Engagement?

We love our surrounding communities and are eager to engage in making them the best they can be!  The best way to do that is to build relationships with community organizations that are already serving alongside those in need and ask, “how can we help your organization succeed?” 

Why is it important?

We feel that God loves everyone and wants our communities to flourish both spiritually and physically.  And because God loves us, He desires for us to build relationships with, love and serve alongside those in our communities. 

How do I get involved?

We all have skills, passions and experience that would be helpful to our communities.  Take this 5 minute survey that will help you discover what your unique contribution might be.  Someone from our Community Engagement Team will be back in touch with possible volunteer opportunities.

Do I need to be a member of Grace Chapel to participate?

No, anyone can join us in Community Engagement! 

Does it take a large commitment to join?

Absolutely NOT! There are opportunities to serve once a week, once a month, or once a year. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I serve with my friends or Small Group?

Yes, in fact we encourage friends to serve as a great way to build deeper relationships through serving others.  Grab your friends, neighbors, your small group and enjoy serving together!

What are the organizations that Grace Chapel is currently working alongside? 

One of the All-Campus Community Engagement efforts is partnering with the Boston Project in Dorchester.

Boston Project

Boston Project is a Christian organization working to bring God’s Shalom…. peace and flourishing…to their 20-street neighborhood in Dorchester.  We have close to 100 Grace Chapel Volunteers working alongside BP to mentor students, provide creation care, food security, housing, trauma care and Bible Clubs for kids.  This partnership includes working with TechBoston…a K-12 school in the neighborhood and The Neighborhood Church which meets in the neighborhood. 

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this brief Volunteer Sign Up Form:

Volunteer Signup Form

Each of our Campuses have identified at least one organization with which to partner.  You can find which organizations by clicking on the links below

Are all the organizations you are working with faith based? 

No.  We are intentionally working with all organizations for the common purpose of serving our communities. 

Can I go directly to a town organization and begin serving? 

We strongly encourage you NOT to do this as we have a Team working with each of these organizations that link volunteers to their needs.  This keeps them from being overwhelmed with people contacting them directly!

How Can I Get Involved at My Campus?

Each Grace Chapel campus has their own Community Engagement team. To learn more about Community Engagement at your local campus and to get updates on what your Campus Engagement Team is up to, contact the Community Engagement team leader at your campus:

Lexington: Richard Rhodes - 

East Lexington: Tom Lee - 

Foxboro: Tom Boisclair - 

Watertown: Sharon Dhavale - 

Wilmington: Tom VanAntwerp - 

Church Wide Boston Project in Dorchester  

Church Wide Emmanuel Gospel Center (Afghan Family Resettlement) 


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