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Leader Handbooks + Resources 

This page contains everything you need to know to lead a small group. Below are links to our Grace Chapel NextGen Safety Policy as well as a few helpful resources that can help you lead small. 

May 2 Leader Meeting

March 7 LEADER TRAINING slides March 7 Leader Training VideoMarch 7 Leader Training recapBlank GC CORI FormGC NextGen Safety PolICY2020 Leader Resource ManuaL

Orange Lead Small Blog

Grace Students Live!

Every first Sunday of the month at 7pm, we invite you to join the chat on our Grace Students Live video on Youtube! Join your campus zoom link after the video for some large group activities. 

Grace Chapel's YouTube Channel

Small Group Content

You will be meeting with your small group regularly during the second and third weeks of the month. Below are the links for the small group guides and the videos you will need for your groups on weeks 2 +3. Remember, week 4 is a small group hang!

Zoom small group links are on our StuMin page.

Habits Week 2 (May 9-15)

Habits Week 2 small group guide

Habits Week 3 (May 16-22)

Habits Week 3 Small Group Guide

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