a practical introduction to the Christian faith

For over 25 years, Alpha has been helping thousands of people worldwide answer questions about life and faith in a comfortable environment. Participants are encouraged to ask tough questions with no fear of feeling judged or pressured. No question is too difficult or too critical to ask. How about you? Do you have questions about life or Christianity that you would like to have answered but have always been afraid to ask?

The Alpha Course will help to answer these questions and many more in a relaxed, fun, non-threatening environment. We simply want to provide a great place for you and others to explore the meaning of life...and the Alpha course is free. Each week we begin with a free home cooked meal (evening sessions only) followed by a video presentation and discussion led by a facilitator around tables.

Questions about Alpha? Contact Jacqueline Turner.

Upcoming Alpha Courses

Alpha ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages): Thursdays in Lexington
October 11 - December 13
Room: 201
Grace Chapel, Lexington - Adult Learning Center, 2 Militia Dr

Alpha: Thursdays in Lexington
October 11 - December 6
Room: 105
Grace Chapel, Lexington - Adult Learning Center, 2 Militia Dr

Alpha: Sundays in Lexington
October 14 - December 9
Room: 101
Grace Chapel, Lexington - Adult Learning Center, 2 Militia Dr

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