The Alpha Course

A relaxed and judgment-free environment where you
can ask questions about God, the Bible, and faith.

A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith

For over 25 years, Alpha has been helping thousands of people worldwide answer questions about life and faith in a comfortable environment. Participants are encouraged to ask tough questions with no fear of feeling judged or pressured. No question is too difficult or too critical to ask. How about you? Do you have questions about life or Christianity that you would like to have answered but have always been afraid to ask?


Alpha will help to answer these questions and many more in a relaxed, fun, non-threatening environment. We simply want to provide a great place for you and others to explore the meaning of life... and Alpha is free. Each week will begin with a video presentation and discussion led by a facilitator.

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Faith Stories

Fred Jones' Alpha Story

Laurie's Alpha Story

Here is a bit about my experience at Alpha last summer.

A good friend and I were having a lot of difficult questions about Christianity during this time, so we decided to sign up for Alpha together - not knowing what to expect. When we first logged on and realized how much older everyone was, it was honestly a bit intimidating, and we were unsure if we really wanted to go through with it.

However, it ended up being such an incredible experience. I realized the value in having intergenerational conversations. Our group was able to connect quite well, and I still have the notes from that time jotted down on my notebooks - there was such a wealth of knowledge that I gained from hearing about people's life experiences, opinions and perplexing questions. It was comforting (and maybe a bit scary) to see that, despite our differing age and backgrounds, we shared a lot of similar doubts and questions about Christianity. Through it all, I felt that I was able to engage in other interesting conversations throughout the week and even after Alpha ended with other people too.

I think it's so important to be able to have these spaces to question and have honest conversation!

John's Alpha Story

I've been a long-time believer in God, but I desired a relationship with Jesus. For the past several year, I talked about this desire, made attempts at Bible reading, signed up for plans, but nothing lasted. It wasn't until I finally made a move and signed up for Alpha that my walk began. Alpha immediately began answering the questions that I never took seriously enough to find answers for. Thursday night became a highlight of my week. Everybody in the group was excellent, and I learned so much. My desire for Jesus grew every week and has continued since. The Alpha group started me on daily Bible reading discipline, which has been a life-changing experience. I'm finally on the path and excited for every step.

Beverly's Alpha Story

My name is Beverly and I attended the Zoom Alpha Class and absolutely loved it. I loved the videos which helped me so much to understand the basic concepts of Christianity. I had so many questions about the Bible and Jesus and God, and Alpha helped to not only answer my questions but to actually give me evidence and proof. The narrator and the people involved in the Alpha videos made me feel as if my questions were not silly and when I had more questions, Bill and Judy filled in with more detail and more evidence. It was so helpful as a new Christian and provided such a good baseline for me to move forward from, in my faith and my learning more about Jesus and who he was and where he walked. I would highly recommend Alpha to anyone who is inquisitive or just starting their journey with Christ.

Interview with Sandy & Peter and Chester & Ruth

Spring 2022 Schedule


Thursday's April 7 - June 2; 7pm to 8:30pm (Zoom)


Monday's  April 25 - May 30; 7pm to 8:30pm (Watertown Sanctuary)


Monday's April 25 - May 30; 7pm to 8:30pm (Zoom)


Thursday's April 28 - June 2; 7pm to 8:30pm (2 Militia Dr. Lexington; Room 105)


Thursday  April 28 - June 2; 7pm to 8pm (Zoom)

We are now accepting registrations for Spring 2022. Please register by following the link on the calendar event for the specific class you are interested in (links above.)

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Please know that this course is open. Try it one time and if you like it, then we look forward to seeing you at future sessions. If you don't, then you won’t feel pressured to continue. 


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