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We believe in celebrating and taking time to create special moments in your child's life, similar to what many of our Biblical characters did to remember moments when God did something special in their lives.  Some of these moments are: Child Dedication and First Grade Bible Dedication  (check with your Children's Director for additional info at your specific campus).

Our Sunday curriculum comes from the ReThink Group. Check out the websites below for material for both parents and kids that will enhance the curriculum and provides great family devotional material.  Links are updated monthly. For more information, contact Jessica Faggiano:

For Kids:

Studio 252: Fun to Do, Fun to Watch, Fun to Read! An online Website available just for you!  Remember and apply what you're learning and fun at the same time.

God Time Cards - Weekly Children's Devotional (What is a God Time Card)

November week : 1     K/1st       2nd/3rd     4th/5th Preteen                        November week : 2     K/1st       2nd/3rd     4th/5th Preteen                                                  November week : 3     K/1st       2nd/3rd     4th/5th Preteen                  November week : 4     K/1st       2nd/3rd     4th/5th Preteen   



FOr Parents:

Parent Cue App

As a parent/guardian you spend the most time with your child and have the ability to be the biggest influencer in their birth through graduation years. "No one has more potential to influence your child than you." Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of Orange.  Orange provides this free resource, Parent Cue App .  It is a weekly resource provided by and synced with Orange 252 and 1st Look curriculum.  Download the app answer a few quick questions so you can track your child's stage and receive relevant and purposeful information and conversation starters tied into what they are learning weekly.

Get the App: HERE

Monthly Devotionals

Parent Cue Blog and Parent Cue Live: Parent Cue Blog and Live helps parents and church leaders understand how, by combining their influences, they can accomplish more for the spiritual well-being of a child than either could individually. See our monthly devotionals for each age group:

Parent Cue - Monthly Devotional and Discussion Questions (updated monthly)
What is a Parent Cue

NOV 2019  

Parent Cue PreschoolParent Cue Elementary | Parent Cue Preteen 

Parents' Guide to teaching your children to live Generously
: Parents, download our helpful guide (PDF) to talking with your kids about giving, generosity, and money.


Parenting in the Pew

parenting in the pew-

“Parents are the best people to teach their children what it means to worship God.” Robbie Castleman

Parenting in the Pew is an introduction to the "why" and "how" of families worshiping together. This book is recommended by Ruthie Seiders, Pastor of Next Generation Ministries.


Other Fun Experiences:

Kids Week is The Best Week of the summer!  Kids spend three fun-filled hours each morning playing games; interacting through music, drama, and STEM experiments; making friends; and learning the most important lesson of all: how much God loves them.

More Kids Week Information Here

FX Family Experience - a night for the kids to teach their parents/guardians what they are learning each month.  Check out our events page for upcoming FX Family Experience events.