Child Dedications

Child dedication is the first important milestone in a child’s faith. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus himself was presented to the Lord as a newborn child by his parents, Joseph and Mary. As he was presented, he received blessings from older believers in the family of faith, Simeon and Anna.

In the same way, we welcome parents to bring their children before the Lord in worship, reaffirming their own faith in Christ and their commitment to raise their children to know and love God. Like Simeon and Anna, the church family offers words of both welcome and blessing to these little ones, presented in gratitude to God.

The congregation commits to partnering with the parents as "faith parents," supporting them through the spiritual journey of parenthood.

Prior to dedicating a child, we ask the parents attend a short Family Information Session, where our Kidstown staff will share what's involved in fulfilling the vows parents will take as primary faith parents.

Child Dedications are held at each campus twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, and take place during our Sunday morning services.

Contact Jessica Faggiano for more information.


Family Info Session: January 26 @ 9:15am, Rm 207
Child Dedication - February 16, 2020


Family Info Session: April 5 @ 8:30am, Tower Rm
Child Dedication - April 26, 2020 


Family Info Session: April 5, Pastor Stephen's Office
Child Dedication - April 26, 2020


East Lexington

Family Info Session: April 5 @ 9:15, Conference room 
Child Dedication - April 26, 2020



Family Info Session: April 5 @ 10:45am, Rm 208
Child Dedication - April 26, 2020