Lexington HSM

We love teenagers and we are passionate about coming alongside them as they ask some big questions about life. Questions like: Where do I belong? Who am I? Why am I here? We are committed to loving and serving students and their families as they navigate core questions like these and explore faith in Christ.

Students connected to Grace Chapel are encouraged to get involved in everything we do as a church community. In addition to being a part of the life of the church, we have specific events and programs intended to help teenagers grow in their walk with Christ through small group specials, retreats, service opportunities, mission trips, special events, and our student leadership team.



Sunday Mornings

HSM Sunday Mornings are primarily about growing closer and going deeper as students make connections with peers and caring adults through small groups and grow in their understanding of the Christian life together. 

11:00am-12:30pm: Students are encouraged to arrive before the 11:00am service and stop by the welcome table, fill out a name tag, answer the question of the week, have some snacks, and catch up with their friends.  The morning programming is meant to be a time of rest from the busyness of school life, and students are invited to just be themselves as we worship, learn, and talk about what God is doing in our lives. We start on the upper level of the main building, 59 Worthen Rd,  and small groups meet across the parking lot a 2 Militia Drive.

house groups

House groups are local communities of students who gather to live out their faith together for the good of the world. Visit grace.org/housegroups for more info.

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