Foxboro Student Ministries

Whether you’re in Foxboro or one of our other other four amazing campuses, Student Ministries is about leading students to discover and own their faith. We create environments and opportunities for middle and high school students to ask questions, be curious, explore Jesus and their faith and build meaningful relationships with one other and a group of caring adults. Our church family would be nothing without our students and we feel blessed and honored to partner with parents, families and these students in what God is doing in and through their lives. 

Every student is welcome, belongs, and matters. 

We have an upcoming opportunity to cultivate our partnership with parents, hosting a lunch on November 7 following worship where parents and leaders will have time to connect. 

FoxSM Parent-Leader Lunch Details & RSVP

What if I’m New and Don’t Know Anyone?

Being new is super hard, but luckily, everyone who has started out with us can relate! Luckily, our summer events are super fun and focused on re-introducing people to one another after 14 months of being virtual. So, basically, it’s like everyone is new! If larger groups are intimidating (they definitely can be), that’s okay too! We can always arrange for smaller groups to meet up to go to ice cream or hang out. 

No matter what approach you take, remember… awkwardness is a guarantee BUT that doesn’t mean it’s the enemy. We embrace awkwardness! It’s kind of a fact of life and we’ve all been there! We know there’s more to people than an awkward silence. Everyone here has gifts, talents, passions, questions and all of those things are worth a few awkward moments. 

Curious about Volunteering? 

Interested in the opportunity to help us relaunch this most incredible ministry? We could really use some people who love teenagers to help us out this summer and maybe even into the fall. To learn more, go to Feel free to email Blaire with any questions about being a part of FoxSM or volunteering at  .


Our Foxboro Student Ministries meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30pm, beginning September 15 at the Foxboro Campus. The first Wednesday of the month is usually Large Group programming, with fun games, live teaching, and worship. The rest of the month is Small Group, where we will gather together and then break out into smaller groups for discussion and connecting with each other. (Off November 24 & December 29)

View the FoxSM Fall Calendar

In order for students to participate in any of the in-person Student Ministry events they need to have an updated waiver. Click below to complete the waiver.

Student Participation Waiver

September 12- Parent & Student Open House
September 15- Fall Launch Birthday Bash: Celebrating a year of birthdays, bring a swap gift of $10 or under
October 1 & 2- Student Ministry Fall Retreat
October 2- Foxboro Fall Festival
November 7- Parent & Leader Lunch
December 19- Winter Retreat Registration Opens
December 22- Christmas Party
January 9- Info Meeting for Cross Cultural Learning Experiences
February 11-13 Winter Retreat


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