Foxboro Student Ministries

Whether you’re in Foxboro or one of our other other four amazing campuses, Student Ministries is about leading students to discover and own their faith. We create environments and opportunities for middle and high school students to ask questions, be curious, explore Jesus and their faith and build meaningful relationships with one other and a group of caring adults. Our church family would be nothing without our students and we feel blessed and honored to partner with parents, families and these students in what God is doing in and through their lives. 

Every student is welcome, belongs, and matters. 

What’s Going On?

While we continue to wait and plan for when we can meet in person again, we are hard at work creating fun, engaging, and meaningful virtual environments for our students and families. This isn’t school zoom. The goal isn’t to impart knowledge, build skills and put those to the test. It’s more than that. Our goal is to nurture curiosity in students to discover and own their faith within the context of meaningful relationships with one another and a group of caring adults. What does that look like? 

At our Foxboro campus, our students meet weekly on zoom: Wednesdays at 7pm. We spend a couple weeks digging into some content and discussion, and other weeks we have game nights. We also have a monthly “event" called Grace Students Live! (or GSL) which takes place on YouTube, usually the first Sunday of the month at 7pm. (Check the calendar to be sure). Feel free to email Blaire with any questions at .


What if I’m New and Don’t Know Anyone?

Being new is super hard, but luckily, everyone who has started out with us can relate! Feel free to jump in on a GSL night when things are a little more laid back, or a small group hang night (usually the week before GSL) where we’re most playing games. If you come on a small group discussion night, we always have some ice breakers to help everyone learn more about one another.

When group meet-ups are super intimidating, that’s okay! We can arrange times to hang out and play games in a smaller group, with just a few kids from our ministry who LOVE meeting new people.  

No matter what approach you take, remember… awkwardness is a guarantee BUT that doesn’t mean it’s the enemy. We embrace awkwardness! It’s kind of a fact of life! And while zoom can make things feel even more awkward, we’ve all been there. We know there’s more to people than an awkward silence. Each student has gifts, talents, passions, questions and all of those things are worth a few awkward moments. 


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