East Lexington Student Ministry

We love teenagers and we are passionate about coming alongside them as they ask some big questions about life. Questions like: Where do I belong? Who am I? Why am I here? We are committed to loving and serving students and their families as they navigate core questions like these and explore faith in Christ.

General Permission Form

SUNDAY RETREATS: 1st Sunday of the Month 5:30-7:30pm

Middle and High School students are invited to come together once a month for a retreat-like experience. We want to encourage our students that you dont always have to go away to be on a retreat—sometimes the most powerful encounters with Christ happen where we are most comofortable. Students will gather at the table for a meal before getting into a time of worship, teaching, games, and spiritual practices. Sunday Retreat takes place in the Large Group Room at the Lexington Campus. 


High School: 2nd + 3rd Sunday of the Month 6-8pm

Middle School: 2nd + 3rd Thursday of the Month 6-8pm

House Groups meet in homes around the Lexington/Arlington area for deeper activities and spiritual practices from Sunday Retreat themes as well as intentional time for rest and sabbath through playing games and enjoying snacks. 


The final week of the month, we take the week off from programming to allow you to fit family time in. This week is scheduled in so that you can rest and have time to simply be present as a family. Discussion guides will be available if you would like to create intentional conversation around topics covered that month. 

Sunday Mornings

Students participate in the service or serve throughout the church in their area of interest. Students serve on our welcome, tech, worship, and Kidstown teams.

Contact Kate if you have questions about Sunday mornings or our student gatherings.


Connection Card

Kate Fox

HEY PARENTS! You have one of the most important (and sometimes the most difficult) jobs on the planet.

We know your job isn’t always easy, but here’s what we want you to know: we’re here to help, in any way we can. Sure, we’re a “youth” ministry, but teenagers aren’t the only people we care about. We care about you too, because it’s you, not us, who are the primary influencers in the lives of your teens.

No matter how connected (or not connected) you are with our church, this Parent Handbook will show you some of the ways we’re trying to care for your teen and serve you at the same time.

ELXSM Parent Handbook