Welcome to Kidstown at our East Lexington Campus!

In Kidstown, our mission is to help children develop a relationship with Jesus. We want kids to understand that the Bible stories we read are not just accounts of the past but can be applied to our lives today.

In our early childhood environments, we want all of our children to know three main truths before they finish preschool: God made me. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

In our elementary environments, we want all of our children to know three other truths: I need to make the wise choice. I should treat others the way I want to be treated, and I can trust God no matter what.

Upcoming Kids & Family Events

Your First Sunday in Kidstown

5 Simple Steps

Follow these five quick steps to help you have a successful first Sunday in Kidstown:

  1. Arrive early (we start our service at 10:30am).
  2. We worship in the Cross Worship and Performing Arts Center of Lexington Christian Academy. The school is located in a residential area at the end of a street and has easy access parking.
  3. Once inside the main entrance of the school, turn right to find our check-in station for Kidstown and meet our welcome team.
  4. Register your children for Kidstown and receive your new visitor welcome packet. 
  5. Children sit with their families in the auditorium for the first 15-20 minutes of our worship service, after which they are dismissed to go to their classrooms.  Please accompany your child to drop them off at their classroom for the first visit.

Special Requirements?

Special dietary restrictions, or other special requirements? Make sure to share this information with our Kidstown check-in volunteer as you sign in. 

About Our Environments

We would love to welcome your infant or toddler to our room for children ages 0-2.  Our team of Kidstown volunteers loves to hold babies, push strollers, blow bubbles and play with little ones.

We have a separate classroom for Kidstown attendees ages 3-5.  Our curriculum in these environments gives children an opportunity to play games, do crafts, sing, dance and hear an engaging Bible story all while providing plenty of space for free play and social interaction with the other children and leaders.

In our elementary environment, children in grades 1-5 gather together with curriculum targeted to their age and development. First, they’ll worship together with a couple of songs, then children move into smaller age- appropriate groups where small group leaders will guide them in activities that reinforce the day’s lesson. 


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