How to invite someone to a Christmas event at Grace
November 17, 2023

We all care about our friends, family, and neighbors, and a simple invitation to church could lead to the next beautiful step in their spiritual journey. But inviting someone to church isn't always easy or natural. Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable, or a little awkward.

We get it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are some ways to get the awkwardness out of the way before you formally invite someone:

  • Start with prayer. God is at work in every person’s life, and prayer helps remind us of that. Remember, church isn’t the end, it’s the means.
  • Show you care before you tell them you care. Actions speak louder than words. 
  • If you’re connected on social media with the person you’re inviting to church, try sharing our social content.
  • Remember that everyone has different traditions and rhythms during the holidays. Church online might be a better first step than church in person.
  • Don’t assume you have to start with a worship service! There are a bunch of Christmas events happening at all of our campuses that are a great first step for anyone.

Once you’re ready to invite someone to church, here are a few helpful tips for Christmas or any time of year:

  • Copy this link into an email and send it to them: No pressure, just share what you love about church.
  • Tag them in a comment on one of our Facebook page posts about Christmas, or our Christmas events.
  • Don’t get hung up on someone declining your offer. God’s timing is always perfect, and “no” sometimes just means “not yet.”

If you’re bringing someone to church, let us know at . We’ll make sure someone is ready to say hello, and set them up with a free cup of coffee.

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