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Advent 2014 at Grace Chapel
Let there be light. Let there be stars. Let there be Christmas.

Colored bulbs on a tree. Candles in a window. Stars in the sky—one shining brighter. December flickers with light.

But there’s a reason we draw closer to the glow, nearer to the fire. There’s a chill that creeps past our porchlights, a shadow on our world and in our lives.

The days are dark and night falls early.

We need light. We need Christmas. 


Sermon Recording - December 28, 2014
Pastor Bryan Wilkerson wraps up our Advent teaching series with his message, "A Guiding Light."



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Sermon title: "Pushing Back The Darkness" Teaching Pastor: Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor
Sermon title: "Golden Hour Light" Teaching Pastor: Dave Ripper, Pastor, Young Adults Ministries
Sermon title: "Starry, Starry Night..." the Christmas story told through Dramatic Monologue. Teaching Pastor: Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor
Sermon title: "The Light Within." Teaching Pastor: Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor
Sermon title: "A Distant Light" Teaching Pastor: Tom VanAntwerp, Campus Pastor - Wilmington Campus

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Merry Christmas from Grace Chapel!
Our music and worship teams got together and made a little Christmas card video. Enjoy!

This Christmas, give the gift of presence.
This guy took the idea of "giving Christmas presence" seriously. Sort of.

Advent Devotionals
Each Sunday in Advent, we're offering a devotional that will help you carry the message of light and hope through the week.
This year's Christmas Eve offering will be given towards the transportation and installation of solar-powered wells in Turkana, Kenya.
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