Weddings at Grace Chapel

You’re Getting Married! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We’re so glad you’re considering Grace Chapel as a place that can help prepare you for the journey ahead! We view marriage as something much bigger than just a ceremony . . . it is the start of a lifelong commitment and the celebration of a relationship between a man and a woman that is both unique and sacred.

Although marriage can be the most rewarding of relationships, it can also present many challenges. It is our desire to invest into your lives at this significant time in your life - equipping you with biblical wisdom, helping you to plan a meaningful ceremony, and providing you with some practical tools that will help you build a solid foundation for a dynamic and lasting relationship with Christ at the center. If you plan to get married by a Grace Chapel pastor, we recommend that you sign up for a Preparing for Marriage short-term group.


The relationship of marriage is a gift from God and is intended to bring joy, companionship, intimacy, and family into the lives of a man and woman who choose to become husband and wife. The Bible teaches that when a couple is joined in marriage, two become one. It is within this experience of relational oneness that a couple can discover the deepest joys of marriage.


Relational oneness can be experienced when a husband and wife dedicate themselves fully to God and to the well-being of each other. Within the context of an intimate, committed, exclusive relationship a man and woman can know the security of being truly loved and accepted. Together they can enjoy the significance of making a substantial, lasting, positive impact on one another and in the world around them. This oneness demonstrates the highest ideal for relationship and powerfully illustrates God’s purposes for the world He’s created.


One of the most beautiful expressions of intimacy in a marriage relationship is experienced through sex. A gift from God, sex provides us joy in relationship and fulfillment through family. Because of its importance, sexual intimacy is to be carefully safeguarded by the parameters of the marriage relationship. It is for this reason that we strongly urge couples to abstain from sexual intimacy until their wedding day. Those who are physically intimate or are living together are asked to move apart and covenant with God to abstain from their sexual relationship until they are married.

Wedding Rentals at Grace Chapel: Your first step is to contact our Director of Campus Operations, Peter Holscher. He will ask you a few questions and help find a pastor who is available for the date you are looking for. If you have already made contact with a pastor or have a preference you can indicate that to him as well. Peter is best reached by email, but may also be reached at 781-862-8351 x139.


For those who have been divorced 

While God intends marriage to be a life-long commitment, we recognize that we live in a broken world and that people often come into marriage having been through the painful experience of divorce. In order for a couple to begin their marriage from a place of strength, we ask that those who have experienced a divorce attend a divorce recovery program prior to beginning the wedding process. These programs allow individuals to experience repentance, healing, and growth – preparing them to enter a marriage with confidence and strength. Visit our Care and Support Ministries page for information on programs for the divorced.