Student Ministry Discipleship

What is a Discipleship group?

Discipleship groups are an opportunity to take another step in continuing to discover and own your relationship with Jesus. Discipleship groups will be 3-4 person peer-led groups that meet once every two weeks during a time that is convenient for the group. Each person in the group will rotate opportunities leading the discipleship group. The discipleship groups will go through a curriculum that not only goes deeper into Scripture but also helps build meaningful lasting relationships within the group.

Beginning this year, participation in the discipleship group will now also be a requirement for CCLE participation. Discipleship group will also be a pathway for students to be a part of a leadership team pending their completion of the discipleship group. 


Leadership meetings will be on Thursdays at 7 pm.  Everyone will attend the kick off meeting and then you will only attend the leadership meetings on the weeks when you are leading your group. The following are the dates of the Leadership meetings:

The Discipleship Commitment

1. Meet online bi-weekly with my disciples partners for approximately one and one-half hours to dialogue over the content of the assignments.
2. Facilitate the dialogue 2-3 times and attend those training meetings on the corresponding Thursday night at 7 pm.
3. Contribute to a climate of honesty and personal vulnerability in a spirit of mutual up-building, and maintain strict confidentiality in order to foster trust.
4. Offer myself fully to the Lord with the anticipation that I am entering a time of accelerated spiritual growth during this discipleship period.
5. Must complete all 10 meetings in order to participate in the CCLE program this Summer*.
*Discuss with your StuMin leader to discuss on a case by case basis if you need to miss a meeting.


Application deadline is February 23. Use the following button to fill out the Discipleship Application:

Discipleship Application

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