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Campus: Lexington

Richard Rhodes

Pastor, Campus Developmentoffice: (781) 862-8351 x 124

Ashley Pinciaro

Children's Ministry Director, Lexington Campusoffice: (781) 862-8351 x 138

Missy Stanaford

Director of Early Childhood, Lexington Campusoffice: (781) 862-8351 x 173

Becky Voigt

Director of SHINE Ministriesoffice: 781-862-6499 x214

Leah Knight Breton

Pastor for Student Ministry, Lexington Campusoffice: (781) 862-8351 x 116

Taylor Graffum

Director of Middle School Ministries, Lexington Campus

Jon Kim

Pastor for High School Ministries, Lexington Campus

Mike Powell

Worship Leader, Lexington Campus; Director of Young Adult Ministry

Jamie Hillman

Associate Music Directoroffice: (781)862-6499x170

Robert Bloodworth

Pastor, Worship and the Artsoffice: (781) 862-8351 x 172

Doug Whallon

Pastor, Discipleship and Communityoffice: (781) 862-8351 x 151

Elsie Kitchen

Life Communities Coordinatoroffice: (781) 862-8351 x 222

Maria Kakolowski

Ministry Team Coordinator, Community, Discipleship, and Lexington Campusoffice: (781) 862-8351 x 140

Jessica Faggiano

Office Administrator, Lexington Campusoffice: 781-862-8351 x120