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Welcome to the Grace Chapel Shop!


Not Your Average Church T-Shirt.

Announcing our new Grace Chapel Shop!

We’re offering all kinds of apparel like graphic tees, hoodies, hats, and even sneakers. We’ve got home goods and accessories, cool drinkware and cozy blankets, Christmas decorations… even great items for your pets! (who miss you dearly when you’re at church, BTW). You can shop safely because our store is online, mobile-friendly, and secure.

Ready to shop? Click or tap the Shop Now! button to get started. Questions about our store? Read the FAQs below.

As we celebrate launching the shop, through the month of November you can use discount code NOVEMBER for 10% off your entire purchase!


Why does Grace Chapel have a shop?

Over the years, we've produced t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items to hand out for different events or ministries. So often, we get asked, "How can I get one of those shirts?" or "Where do I get one of those?!"

We love the fact that so many people are proud of their church and want to show that love by wearing some Grace Chapel gear. This shop allows people to choose exactly what they want - the right size, right color, right fit for them.

Does Grace Chapel make money from selling these items?

Setting up an online print-on-demand shop allows us to offer a wide selection of cool stuff at reasonable prices while keeping our costs low. Our prices cover our production cost, plus a small margin to help fund ministry. The goal of this shop is not to make a lot of money, but 100% of all proceeds from the sale of items on the Grace Chapel Shop go to fund ministry activity in our communities, across Greater Boston, and around the world.

Why does shipping cost so much?

The items available in the Grace Chapel Shop come from a number of different Print On Demand vendors. As such, each item is produced only once it is ordered, and shipped by the print vendor. When ordering multiple items, your order may come from multiple different print vendors, and will likely come in multiple shipments. Each shipment carries shipping costs for the vendors to send you that item.

Are the t-shirts available in different colors?

Yes! The majority of the t-shirts available on the shop come on different shirt colors. Simply find the logo color you're looking for then select the color of the shirt from the dropdown menu on the item details page!

Can I buy these items in-person at my Grace Chapel campus?

The Grace Chapel Shop works through a variety of Print On Demand vendors. This means that items are only created once you order them. We do not hold inventory of these items, so we are unable to sell them in-person at our campuses.

By using Print On Demand, we are able to offer a wider variety of products - in multiple colors and multiple sizes. This allows everyone to get exactly what they want. This also means however that we do not get bulk discounts on the production of these items, so prices reflect the cost of production for each item.

Can I return an item to the church if there's an issue with my purchase?

Because all items are made to order (using Print On Demand vendors) all sales are final. Grace Chapel does not carry inventory of these products, and cannot facilitate exchanges for size or style.

If there is a material defect with any of your items, such as an error in, or poor quality of printing, or if the product arrived damaged, please contact  and we will work with the vendor to send a replacement.

What if the item I am interested in is sold out?

All items come from Print On Demand vendors, who service many other customers. Items in the Grace Chapel Shop are subject to the availability of inventory for the print vendors we work with. If an item, size, or color is unavailable please check back at another time. As vendors replenish their inventory, sold out products will be made available once again.

How long will my items take to get here?

All items are made to order, and are usually produced within 2-3 days of placing your order before they are shipped. Due to the fact that we work with a number of different print vendors to produce these items, shipping times may vary. Shipping information will be sent to you as it becomes available from the vendors. In general, please allow at least 7-10 days to get your items, although in certain cases it may be longer. Shipping times are greatly impacted by season, and may take longer around holidays.

Because your order may contain items from multiple vendors, you may receive your order in multiple shipments.

Will you be adding any new products to the Grace Chapel Shop?

In the future we will be adding more items to the shop, including items inspired by our teaching series graphics, seasonal collections, and other new and exciting options. Feel free to check back to see if there's anything new, or follow us on social media to receive any updates!

A note about our print quality:

These items are made to order from Print On Demand vendors. If any item you order has issues with the printing please contact  for assistance. Some clothing items may feel stiff around the printing area when they first arrive, but will soften up once they've been washed.

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