3 Ways to Pursue Justice for All

by Jared Willey on February 02, 2022

“You… China?”

“Actually, I was born in Wisconsin." 

“And then she looked again and she goes, ‘You mommy, daddy, China?’ And I was I was just so done…. And just in those moments that for many Asian American people, it's death by 1000 cuts.”

In this open and honest discussion between three leaders – two Asian-American, one black – we learn some tangible, actionable ways we can help reduce racism in all its forms.

In the course of the conversation, Willow Creek Community Church Campus Pastor Ed Ollie outlines three ways we can work together as God's people to help bring justice and demonstrate God's righteousness to neighbors that we have near and far:

  1. First, you can stay curious. You stay curious in two ways: feeding your mind by reading and learning about the experiences of those that are different from you, and then taking it a step further by engaging in relational conversation. Get close with someone who is different than you, and learn from their experiences. Provide tangible support to the people who are in your community by being proactive where you shop, where you choose to get your favorite beverage, where you find and participate in community.
  2. Second, take the time to become to a better listener. Asking good questions leads to deeper trust. People don't really know care at all what you do, and people don't really care about your past story, honestly. What they care about is what you care about with them now. And I think that that proximity of being a better listener really matters.
  3. Third, place yourself in a situation where you are in the minority. It’s humbling! Yet that experience empowers you to learn because you’ve positioned yourself in a place where you are different, your pre-existing assumptions are thrown out the window, and your past experiences make you a cultural outlier.

Take a few minutes to watch this open and honest panel discussion about racism and justice between three highly respected and relevant voices on the topic: author and speaker Vivian Mabuni; Willow Creek Community Church Campus Pastor Ed Ollie Jr.; and Grace Chapel’s Pastor of Global and Regional Outreach, Jeanette Yep.

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