GC Science - 3rd Wednesday (Currently Meeting on Zoom)

Leader: David Seuss

When: Wednesday, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Where: 2 Militia Dr Lexington MA 02421

Group: science

Category: Mixed Age/Life Stage

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GC Science is a community of enthusiasts interested in discussing the relationship between science and the Christian faith.  We believe science, theology, and philosophy engage with overlapping questions of truth, and a robust Christian faith requires that honest questions find satisfactory answers from all three.

 In addition to science, we also take up topics such as miracles, prayer, social trends, and Biblical interpretation.

 Not all our regulars are Christian adherents, but we are inspired by the example of the reaction of Jesus to Thomas, who doubted Jesus' resurrection for what would have to be considered sound scientific reasons. Jesus did not condemn Thomas, but rather showed him the evidence so he could decide for himself.

 Our monthly online meetings are planned to explore a topic together, typically with a presenter, and with lots of time for discussion. Different members may reach different conclusions, but as much as we all want to be right, we consider that the tone of the discussion is more important than agreement, as we believe this approach would be that most honoring to the inclusive example of Jesus. With mutual respect, we accept that none of us has all the answers, and enjoy the conversation, the laughter, the learning, and the camaraderie.

 Do I have to be a scientist to participate in the group?  

No you don’t!  Anyone interested in what science has to say about these issues– practicing scientists, engineers, academics, mathematicians, businesspeople, homemakers, healthcare workers, students – all are welcome.

Do I need to be an expert to participate in the discussions?

Not at all!  We examine what experts say, but we are committed to each individual finding his or her own path.

I have experienced heated discussions on topics like the ones mentioned above, what is the tone of GC Science meetings?

We honor each person as God’s creation, and strive for respectful discussion, no matter the topic.

 Is there an official “GC Science” answer to each question? 

 Hardly!  We celebrate different perspectives as a way to better understand these complex issues

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