Reading - Hoffman, Burnham

Leader: Dave Burnham

When: Sunday, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Category: Mixed Age/Life Stage


What we Are: A group of Christians seeking to grow and live life with each other. Many of us have kids; therefore, we will be alternating between "fun" activities, some type of study/discussions, and service to our community. In general, kids are invited for the "fun" activities, but the study group will have in-house babysitting from older kids or our babysitter, depending on schedules.

Fun (likely every other meeting): Hiking, corn mazes, escape from the egyptian tomb!, murder mystery @ our house (you choose Chicago caper or English manor house)

Study (likely every other meeting): Options: following along with Bryan and the sermon series, video series (from RightNow Media) or hard copies of published bible studies

Service (likely 2x/yr.): Spring Serve (hopefully as a group on 1 project if we get big enough), Girl Scouts volunteering, Reading Food Pantry

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