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Lexington - Kingdom Living 9:15

When Sundays - 9:15 AM to 10:25 AM


Where is God active in the world around you? Where is He active in your heart? Kingdom Living: Growing and Going with Jesus is about finding places where God's heart, your passion, and the world's needs meet. With your unique experiences, skill set, relationships, gifts, personality, and passions, you are able to contribute to God's good work in a way that no one else can. Let's learn to more effectively love the people God brings us into contact with, for Jesus' sake.

"Being a Christian, or follower of Jesus Christ, requires much more than just having a personal and transforming relationship with God. It also entails a public and transforming relationship with the world." (Richard Stearns, The Hole in Our Gospel)

Kingdom Living (Go!) builds on the foundation of the Roots (Mizizi) curriculum. The daily readings and weekly discussions are structured to usher you into deeper time with God, while practically working out how you can be a faithful presence of God’s kingdom in your relationships and community.

  • Spend time with God daily, using the scripture passages and reflections in the Go! book
  • Engage in weekly small group discussions to process what you’re learning, encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and have a greater impact collectively than you can as an individual
  • Go beyond your comfort zone as you discern and follow God's call on your life at this stage

The $10 cost covers the curriculum - learn more at and use the button below to register. In need of a scholarship? Inquire with your campus administrator, and please include the amount you are able to contribute.

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We meet in rooms 201 of the 2 Militia Drive Building from September 29 to December 1.

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