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This blog post includes resources for parents of teenagers during this time of social distancing and online church.

by Blaire Telford on March 20, 2020

UNPLUGGED  |  March 23-28

As we acclimate to our new normal, we wanted to challenge and empower your teens with some spiritual practices. This week's spiritual practice is "Unplugged".

So, how is "Unplugged" a spiritual practice?

Unplugging calls us to leave the virtual world in order to become present with God and the people in our real world.

So, the question we asked your teen was, "What could be waiting for us on the other side of deciding to unplug, focus and be present with God and the people we're with?"

Conversation Starters

We've provided some daily conversation starter questions for you to ask your kids, whether they are following along with the daily student connect blog or not. These might be great questions to ask as you eat together, play a card game together, go for a walk... 

  • Day 1: What’s your favorite piece of technology? Like, if you could only have one electronic thing in your life, what would it be and why?  

  • Day 2: What’s something electronic you think I couldn’t live without? If you had to take some technology away from me to ground me, what would you take away? Why that thing? (you may learn something about how your child perceives your relationship with technology

  • Day 3: What is it like for you when we take technology away from you? Or what would it feel like if we did?  

  • Day 4: How much do you think boredom plays a role in your tech use? What’s wrong with boredom? When could it be a good thing?  
  • Day 5: Where and how do you think technology adds stress and pressure to your life? What is that experience like for you? Do you feel like it controls you in any way? How?

  • Day 6: What are some ideas you have about finding a better way to balance technology in our family?  

Engage the family! 

Each week we'll post an idea for how you can engage the whole family in a spiritual practice that maybe teaches you all something about yourselves, each other, and God. 

  • Pick a day or a time frame this week, as a family, where you will go unplugged. Pick something that works for you (we challenge you to block out at least 4 hrs, perhaps in the evening). Play some board/card games, bake, have some quiet time, read, and maybe circle back to some of the conversations you had earlier this week. What surprised you? What challenged you? 

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