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by Blaire Telford on April 02, 2020

SHARE |  April 6-11

This week we've been looking at the spiritual practice of sharing your story or taking time to listen to the life stories of others. There are blessings in each. 

Sharing Your Story  |  We tend to think of our story in sections or chapters, often as if that one section or one chapter defines us and our lives...but we have a bigger story, and it's power and purpose is found in sharing it. 

Conversation Starters

We've provided some daily conversation starter questions for you to ask your kids, whether they are following along with the daily student connect blog or not. These might be great questions to ask as you eat together, play a card game together, go for a walk... 

  • Day 1: What's your favorite book/movie/story of all time? What makes that your favorite story? 
  • Day 2: Where do you feel like the story of your life mostly takes place? School? Home? On the field? In your room?  
  • Day 3: Tell me a funny story of something that happened at school or with your friends. 
  • Day 4: Give your child(ren) a 10-question max to ask you anything. Give them an opportunity to hear some of your story.  
  • Day 5: Imagine you’re 80 years old and your grandkids are asking you about when the coronavirus hit. What’s a story that you would share from this time? 
  • Day 6: Go through your photo album of when you were young or when your kids were young and have them choose a photo, then tell them the story behind it. ...Have fun with it by telling them 2 versions: the true version and a false version and have them guess which is which.  
Engage the family

Everyone in the family goes around the house and picks a PRINTED photo to share. Don't show anyone! Shuffle the photos face-down and then pass them out, making sure no one ends up with the phone they contributed.

Go around and share a made-up a story that explains that photo. At the end, return the photos and have everyone share the actual stories. 

Best made-up story wins a prize! (choosing dinner, take-out, choose a family movie, choose an outdoor activity, or whatever fits your family). 

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