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This blog post includes resources for parents of teenagers during this time of social distancing and online church.

by Blaire Telford on March 29, 2020

ONE ANOTHER  |  March 30-April 4

This week's spiritual practice is "One Another". What does that even mean? How do you "one-another" one another when we're suppose to stay away from one another? 

"One Another-ing" takes on a variety of different forms in the bible. Serve one another, bear one another's burdens, care for one another, accept one another... 

We focussed on four "one-another"s: love one another, encourage one another, forgive one another, and worship with one another. 

Conversation Starters

We've provided some daily conversation starter questions for you to ask your kids, whether they are following along with the daily student connect blog or not. These might be great questions to ask as you eat together, play a card game together, go for a walk... 

  • Day 1: What was the best conversation (in person or online) that you had today? 

  • Day 2: How have your relationships with your friends changed since we started staying at home? What's that been like for you? 
  • Day 3How have you seen me show love around the house recently? How have you been trying to show love to others around the house in the past couple of days? 
  • Day 4What has been the biggest social challenge of quarantine for you? What's that been like for you? 
  • Day 5: Get on a phone call with a friend or family member and ask your teen to help you encourage them. 
  • Day 6: Share a story of a time when it was really hard to forgive someone. What's the hardest thing your teen has ever had to forgive someone for? or what do they think would be the hardest thing to forgive someone for? 
Engage the family

Worshipping together as a family can maybe feel weird for some. We often associate "worship" with only music...and not everyone connects with that. So...have everyone pick a way that want to celebrate God and then share it with one another at the end! 

It could be drawing, painting, music, a bible passage that resonated with them, a song they found on Spotify they simply want every to hear, a video they found on YouTube, a Tik-Tok they found or created, something they wrote, something they build, a photo they took or found, something they made or baked... 

How can these things (or how do these things) celebrate God? 

Or, provide the structure yourself by reading a piece of the Bible, listening to a song or two together, and then closing in prayer. The point is, worship doesn't have to look like one set thing. 

***The reality is that your teen, or a spouse or another family member may not have a relationship with God. They may still be figuring it out or written it off all-together. That's fine! This might be a great time to have a conversation about their experience when they go to church or when they watch you or someone else worship. 

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