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This week's blog post for Student Ministry leaders who are serving our teens during this time of social distancing.

by Blaire Telford on March 20, 2020

UNPLUGGED  |  March 23-28

As we acclimate to our new normal, we wanted to challenge and empower your teens with some spiritual practices. This week's spiritual practice is getting "Unplugged".

So, how is getting "Unplugged" a spiritual practice?

Unplugging calls us to leave the virtual world in order to become present with God and the people in our real world.

So, the question we asked your students was, "what could be waiting for us on the other side of deciding to unplug, to focus and to be present with God and the people we're with?"

Text Your Students

Each week, we challenge you (within your capacity) to text each one of your small group students at least 1x throughout the week. Whether it’s a quick, “Hey. Was thinking about you. I hope you’re well,” or something that invites a little more conversation, “Hey. Was thinking about you. How can I pray for you and your family today?”  


Here's 3 possible conversation starters if you have a little more time and space to engage with one or a few of your students this week, individually or together over zoom: 

  1. Name one song that describes your day.  
  2. What technology is the hardest to unplug from for you? Why? What’s that experience like for you?  
  3. What are 2 ways you think God has been at work in your life this week?  
Engage Outside the Box

When we can't really spend time with our students, but we want to move beyond phone calls, texting and face-time, we'll provide a creative engagement idea for you here.

Help your students unplug. Try a chain-letter with your small group. Maybe it's filled with writing. Maybe it's drawings or send one another random items or a kind of picture scavenger hunt or puzzles. Include, in that first letter, the list of addresses of everyone in your small group and have students cross their names off the list once they receive the letter. Then have them add something of their own inside and mail it forward!

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