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by Blaire Telford on April 02, 2020

SHARE  |  April 6-11

This week we've been looking at the spiritual practice of sharing your story or taking time to listen to the life stories of others. There are blessings in each. 

Sharing Your Story  |  We tend to think of our story in sections or chapters, often as if that one section or one chapter defines us and our lives...but we have a bigger story, and it's power and purpose is found in sharing it. 

Text Your Students

Each week, we challenge you (within your capacity) to text each one of your small group students at least 1x throughout the week. Whether it’s a quick, “Hey. Was thinking about you. I hope you’re well,” or something that invites a little more conversation, “Hey. Was thinking about you. How can I pray for you and your family today?”  


Here's 3 possible conversation starters if you have a little more time and space to engage with one or a few of your students this week, individually or together over zoom: 

  • Play 2 Truths and a Lie with one another...get some fun stories going. 
  • Tell me a story about something that happened to you in the past couple weeks. ... What do you notice about the story of your entire life? 
  • What do you think the difference is between telling our stories and talking about our experience with God? (weirdness, difficulty?) 
Engage outside the box

Watch a movie on Netflix Party together (like "Hook", "Space Jam", "Spiderman...Spiderverse") then talk after the movie--were there any elements in that story that sounded like plot points from any other famous stories? How do you feel like your story relates? Did the main characters go through anything that you can relate to? ...And so on. 

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