Divorce. Separation. Most of us never expect to experience these painful divisions along our life journey. But many of us have found ourselves here, wondering, “How did I get here? What do I do now? How do I handle the pain and loneliness?”

If you find yourself asking these questions and navigating through uncertainties, join us at DivorceCare, a workshop for divorced and separated individuals. This 13-week course includes video-based programs with practical and Biblical information to help us wrestle with some of the most challenging topics that surface during a divorce.

DivorceCare meets weekly on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30pm, in ALC 105 at the Lexington Campus. If you need support during seasons when the DivorceCare workshop is not in session, we recommend attending Celebrate Recovery meetings on Monday evenings, which has a breakout group for divorced and separated individuals.

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