Cross-Cultural Learning Experiences

 CCLEs (formerly called 'short-term mission trips') are ways for you to learn from ministry partners serving in different cultures. These inter-generational missions learning teams help you step outside of your routine to learn and serve alongside one another while building friendships through service. Is this your year to take a faith-sized, cross-cultural risk?

Summer 2020 CCLE Update:

Dear CCLE Students and Parents:

We are all listening, watching and waiting as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic unfold in our communities. The student ministry team, the executive team, a group of missions oriented medical doctors at Grace and I have been in much conversation and prayer about this summer’s CCLEs to Boston, Philadelphia and the Navajo nation in Arizona. We’ve been in touch with our partners in each location and have been checking with our Grace Chapel finance team. Based on our conversations, research and prayer, we are CANCELING both the training retreat scheduled for April 4 & 5, 2020 and this summer’s CCLEs.

- Pastor Jeanette Yep

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