Bruce and Cherith Rydbeck serve together with Kawsaypak Yaku, an Ecuadorian Kichwa mission helping remote communities in the Andes Mountains to improve physical and spiritual health. They also provide international consulting help to other ministries.
March 26, 2024

Bruce and Cherith Rydbeck

Ministry focus: community development water ministry

Ecuador – Bruce, a civil engineer, directs the Life Giving Water International (LGWI) ministry which empowers rural communities to build, improve, or renovate their water system. Bruce and Cherith partner with Kawsaypak Yaku, a Christian Kichwa indigenous Ecuadorian ministry enabling communities to improve spiritual and physical health through Life-Giving Water. LGWI disciples Ecuadorians and expatriates in Biblically based community development ministry. Former interns serve in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the USA. In addition to the ministry in clean water, Cherith ministers to women through teaching, mentoring, inner healing prayer, and speaking for events. The Rybecks served in Ecuador from 1980 to 2019. Currently, they direct and participate in ongoing ministry, while based in the USA. Bruce and Cherith have two married sons, a daughter, and four grandchildren.

For more information about their ministry visit the Life Giving Water International website:

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