Winter Retreat Letter to Parents

by Toni Colarullo on February 02, 2023

Welcome to the Winter Retreat 

 It’s happening! Little did we know that 3 years ago would be our final in-person winter retreat for a while and now here we are! We are so excited and hope you and your kids are too. Here’s the details you’ll need for the winter retreat, which is just a short 8 days away!  

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Packing List 

The packing list is attached. There isn’t really a camp store, but there will be a kind of “café” where students are welcome to buy coffee-based beverages and other assorted snacks. There will be plenty of free snacks and plain black coffee and hot chocolate, so this is not required.  

We’re told there’s about 2ft of snow there, and there may be rain/snow when we go, so plan accordingly.  

Please also note, there will be a Talent Show! Sign-ups will be on Saturday during free time. We encourage students to come prepared with something, particularly if they need to pack anything in order to showcase their talent. The band has also offered to lend their expertise to help anyone who wants to sing. Know if you’ll need or want slides, background music, etc. If you have tech needs, bring a USB stick with what you need.  

Packing List

Winter Retreat Merch! 

Miss out on the free crewneck? Prefer a different color? Want to get one from someone else? Click to the link below to buy something for yourself.  

Order Merchandise

Parent Huddle 

Parents! We have something just for you! At 2pm on Sunday, Pastors Rachel Keeler and Tim Ghali (both parents of teenagers) will be hosting a Parent Huddle. They’ll talk through what your kids have learned and talked about throughout the weekend. We’ll have a slideshow of pictures from the weekend, and we’ll provide some next steps for you and your kids as you continue the conversation at home.  

 Don’t let the lessons, the experience, the relationships, and the self-discovery of the weekend retreat end on Sunday. This is a great opportunity to nurture spiritual conversation at home, partner with God in what He’s done in the life of your child(ren) during the retreat and meet other parents who are parenting teenagers as well. There is power in community.  

Light refreshments provided. Parent Huddle begins at 2pm, students will return from camp at 3pm.


Our leaders and staff will be taking pictures throughout the weekend and uploading them to our SmugMug account. We’re not always able to upload ALL the pictures during the weekend. It sometimes takes a couple of days after we return and regain consciousness. But you’ll be able to check in at and click on the SmugMug link for real-time uploads throughout the weekend and after. They will be available for download.

 Smug Mug Link

Discipleship Tool 

Just like adults continuing to grow and learn and discover who they are, what their gifts are, and why any of it matters, the same is especially true of our teenagers. We’ll be encouraging students to take the …tool to learn more about who they are, how they’re wired, and what God might be up to in and through them.  Use the link below.  

Discipleship Tool


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