Seth and Lauren Vitrano-Wilson have been serving in Thailand since 2010, working with Bible translation and the development of literacy materials.
May 16, 2016

Seth and Lauren Vitrano-Wilson

ministry focus: mind, word

Seth and Lauren have been joyfully serving in Thailand since 2010. Lauren is a Language & Culture Learning Coach for missionaries from many organizations, helping Bible translators and people in a wide variety of cross-cultural ministries to learn the languages and cultures they need to work effectively as witnesses for Christ. Seth works with people who speak unwritten languages to help them develop a way to write their language (an essential role in Bible translation and the development of literacy materials). Seth also helps create training materials and tools for Bible translators. We love the work we do and are thankful our family can be part of God’s plan for bringing His Word to the people of mainland Southeast Asia and across the globe. Thank you for your prayers for us and for being co-laborers in this work of eternal impact. 

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