First Place for Health is a support group for anyone looking to take their first steps towards sustained healthier living. Diet, exercise, and improved habits are all within the context of our Bible Study.
July 31, 2023

Starting on September 18th, 2023, we will start A Better WayFirst Place 4 Health Study

Meeting virtually on Monday's 1:30 to 3:00pm


A Better Way

Our world is filled with contradictions. We have amazing technology that can make our lives easier, yet we are more stressed and busier than previous generations. We live in a country with great wealth and resources, yet poverty and homelessness are constant. Outer beauty is valued much more than inner beauty. And even though we know more about healthy living and have more resources to make healthy choices than ever before, overweight and obesity rates continue to rise. There is A BETTER WAY.

Jesus came into the world over two thousand years ago. He preached a radical message about a Kingdom that is upside-down from the world we know: lose to win, die to live, be weak to become strong, give away to gain, and walk by faith rather than sight. As we seek to reach and maintain our fitness goals, we can embrace the changes we need to understand Jesus’ teachings about His Kingdom and the Holy Spirit’s power. A BETTER WAY provides insights and tools to en-gage in the upside-down Kingdom of God while living here on earth. God’s power and love are enough for us to win the fitness challenges we face. Based on proven techniques and more than 30 years of experience, First Place for Health invites you to try the most complete Christ-centered healthy living program available. First Place for Health will help you create balance in the four core areas of your life—emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. The results? Weight loss and total health from the inside out!


For more info and zoom links, contact Marilyn Bullock

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