Annual Meeting

About our Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting takes place the first Sunday in June, and is an opportunity to hear reports and plans for the coming year from our Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, the Chair of our Board of Elders, and the head of our Finance Committee. 

An important part of our Annual Meeting process is to learn about the nominees for church offices. Grace Chapel members serve in a number of leadership roles such as Elder, who provide oversight of Grace Chapel's ministry and strategic direction; Audit Committee, which ensures the financial integrity of our resources; and operational roles such as Moderator and Clerk. This year's candidates are listed below:

New Proposed Elders:
Rebecca Li, Lexington
Daniel Mitchell, Wilmington
Tim Min, Lexington

Nominations Committee Members:
Priscilla Seuss, Co-Chair
Andrea Dacayanan, Co-Chair
Beth Hughes, Wilmington (2 years)
Teresa Nelson, E. Lexington (1 year)
Elise Rowley, Lexington (2 years)
Jay White, Foxboro (1 year)

Audit Committee
Jim Citro, Proposed Chair
Lucy Marchese, 3rd year
Tofunmi Ochi, seat

Amy Warfield (3rd year)

Sandy Smith (3rd year)

This year all Grace Chapel members will receive an email with a link for voting online. 

Please email questions about voting results or our annual meeting to 

2020 Annual Report

Questions & Answers

Download Printable PDF Here

We have had several questions related to when our buildings will reopen.

Please know that the answers will change as we move through our phased reopening plan. You can find updates here.

Can you give us a sense of what Sunday services participation has been like during this pandemic season?

  • Based on those viewing on Sunday and throughout the week we have, on average, about 4,000 people viewing our online services. That average does not include an estimated Easter attendance of a little over 9,000 people.

  • These totals have held steady through this season and our average viewing time has increased.

  • As we have worshipped together, we have been able to engage with new attendees, those seeking group discipleship, and those wishing to serve in our community engagement programs

Bryan has mentioned in his sermons – the importance and focus of prayer in this season. How can we strategically mobilize in prayer as a church?

  • Many of our campuses are hosting regular zoom prayer calls on a weekly basis. If you have not joined one of those – we strongly recommend it. 

  • We hosted an “all-church” evening of prayer on a zoom webinar on Wednesday, June 10th.  We hope to offer more of these events like this in the weeks and months to come.

What if our giving is more or less than we have budgeted?

  • We have drafted plans across our ministry areas and campuses to align ourselves with giving and revenues and we can adjust accordingly based on the actual giving.

  • The strength of our current giving, including the generous giving to the COVID-19 fund is a real testimony to the faithfulness of this congregation.

We had started conversations regarding a campaign before the pandemic started.  Where are we with that?

  • We have been talking for some time about a stewardship campaign to help our people personal budgeting strategies, grow in their generosity, and to raise funds for greater growth and impact.

  • The funds will make possible the growth strategies that we have been identifying over the past year or so.

  • Right now, elements of that campaign are on hold, but other key components will continue.

  • One of those components was the Help & Hope Webinar we hosted in May and we expect to offer a financial stewardship series in the future. We are anticipating that many of the folks in our church will be facing financial hardship and others in our congregation may be called to minister more meaningfully to those in need.  

Watch the webinar here

I didn't see any mention on any of the phases about Kidstown or any Next Generation (Middle and High School Ministries). How is that being addressed, especially with babies and preschoolers? Will parents have to stay home indefinitely?

  1. We will continue to serve our Kidstown and Student families online for now.
  2. Our ability to serve our next generation students and their parents is a key element of opening our buildings for a full worship experience. We are monitoring state guidelines and our ability to keep children and volunteers safe through required distancing and cleaning protocols.

First, let me commend you all for the great job of pivoting to an all online environment these past few months. I am heartened by the commitment to make that a more vital part of our ministry. While it does not substitute for in person worship, education, service and fellowship, a more robust and intentional online presence should be a great way to reach out to those who would not or could not attend in person. Interesting that Bruce Wall should recommend just such an approach for us to pursue in his address to EPIC just a few weeks ago.

Thank You :)

Where does the $1.25m come from on the income side of the FY21 budget? From reserves?

We have been able to leverage the forgivable CARES Act and will utilize funds from the strong finish in fiscal 2020 for the Additional Funding item in the budget.

The $527k for interest and mortgage principle – is that for 2 Militia?

In addition to our building at 2 Militia Drive, it includes our buildings at 3 Militia Drive, 59 Worthen Road, and our Wilmington campus. It also includes a portion of the CARES Act that will be forgiven in the coming year as we process it through that program.

I have a question(s) concerning the concept of branding at Grace. What was the purpose and was it necessary? Considering the difficult financial times that came prior to the announcement was it a sound stewardship? (signage change, tee shirts give away etc) Thank you!?

Branding is an engaging way to unify our core message.   We have updated our branding at key times over the years, and as we finalized our new ministry model across the church it seemed like the perfect time to make a long overdue update to some core branding elements. The slow roll-out included providing the t-shirts back on our volunteer and leadership training day that was a small “thank you” to that broad group that really makes this church so special.

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