Grace Chapel Student Ministries is passionate about helping students understand how much God cares for them! When a person is known and cared for, they have the freedom to be their true selves. Each week at our Middle and High School student ministries, students gather from all over the region, finding a real sense of belonging that comes from real community. Every student has a group of friends and caring adults to help them explore the Christian faith. Our goal is to help students integrate their faith into all aspects of their life.

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Never used a devotional before? Try this one out!
Books | recommendations from the Grace Chapel Student Ministry teamcheck out these ones recommended by XP3*


Books | check out these books recommended by XP3*
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Soulfest 2017 |  August 3-5
Lighthouse Events | regional Christian concerts and festivals
Fuse Christian Concerts | regional Christian concerts


Books | check out these books recommended by XP3*
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Bridging the Gap between Church and Home
What is Relational Ministry?
Defining the Win
Transitioning from Large Group to Small Group
The Art of Asking Questions
Small Group Leader and Technology



*Here at Grace Chapel, our Next Generation team believes in the mission of the Orange Curriculum. We use their curriculum from Kidstown through Student Ministries. XP3 is the name of their youth curriculum. 

Summer Discipleship Opportunities

Summer may feel like a long way away, but we are thrilled that you are taking the time to pray about what God may be calling you to this summer – whether that is growing in relationship with God at camp or learning about a new culture and way of practicing Christian faith on a CCLE. Both our discipleship and cross-cultural learning experiences provide opportunities to grow in your relationship with God in a unique way. Camp is a remarkable opportunity for you to learn how to share faith with friends – so we invite you to consider inviting a friend to attend camp with you! Cross-Cultural Learning Experiences are one in a myriad of ways to grow in discipleship. Through months of training and team-building, followed by a week-long immersion in a culture that is different from your own, you will be able to grow in your understanding of how God works around the country and the world.

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Emily Wilson

Ministry Team Coordinator, Student Ministries

Leah Knight Breton

Pastor of High School Ministries, Lexington Campus

Andrew Breton

Pastor of Middle School Ministries, Lexington Campus

James Mercier

Assistant Student Ministries Director, Lexington Campus

Joelinda Coichy Johnson

Director of Student Ministries, Watertown Campus; Director of Community, Young Adult Ministry

Adam Rowe

Pastor of Student Ministries, Wilmington Campus

Kate Fox

Director of NextGen Ministries, East Lexington Campus

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