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GC Science is a network of scientists at Grace Chapel dedicated to helping the congregation integrate mainstream science and Christian faith.   We seek to minister to the needs of scientists within the Grace Chapel community and serve as a scientific resource to pastoral staff.  We are unified by our shared commitment to Christ but diverse in our views on origins.

GC Science sponsors a number of activities, including this website, monthly book club discussions, and courses that promote the compatibility between science and faith.  We have a very active Facebook page:  GC Science.

We are committed to answering science and faith questions and promote the view that science and Christian faith are compatible. 

Next meeting August 19th. We meet monthly 7pm to 8:30pm. Adult Learning Center **Room 202**.
Faith Stories from GC Science
GC Science's John Horcher shares his faith story.
Faith Stories from GC Science
GC Science's Karma Carrier shares his faith story.
Faith Stories from GC Science
GC Science's Sarah Wolinski shares her faith story.
Are you a scientist at Grace Chapel? We'd like to connect!
Engaging Science and Faith with Confidence (Nov-Dec 2014 - 5 parts); Controversial Topics in Cutting-Edge Science. (January 2014 - 4 parts); Following Christ in a Scientific World (Fall 2012 - 10 parts); Wrestling with Science and Faith (Fall 2011 - 4 parts); Are Your Kids Safe In Science Class? (January 2011 - 4 parts) Read More
12th grader, Grace Chapel Gravity

"For many years I have had a very hard time accepting parts of the Bible because I love science and the logic of it. These classes have allowed me to see how science and faith can coexist, and as a result I am going to be baptized knowing that I don't have to pick either science or faith."

Many of these books are available to borrow from Grace Chapel's library (basement of Adult Learning Center, 2 Militia Dr.)
GC Science Blog: New Ways of Interpreting Genesis One
Are Science and Faith in Conflict?
What do you think? Watch this video from the Biologos foundation. This video claims that the 'science and faith conflict' is a myth. Do you agree?


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The GC Science Group

Karma Carrier, Ph.D.
Tim Ghali, Pastor of Community Life

GC Science Advisory Group
Karma Carrier, Ph.D.
Sarah Wolinski, Ph.D.
Steve Schaffner, Ph.D.
Margie Bose, M.S.

We can be reached via email: gcscience@grace.org  or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GCScience    or Follow us on Twitter:  @GCsci

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4-part course tackling controversial topics in science: stem cells, genetic engineering, vaccines, and global warming
4-part class for High School audience.
10-part Adult Discipleship Class.
4-Part series presented for high school audience.
Designed for parents who are concerned about their children being taught evolution and other scientific theories that could destroy their faith in God.
Facebook Page: GC Science
Join us with over 525,000 likes on Facebook: a global community for Christians who love science! Featuring lively discussions about science and faith and how to respond to atheism.

Can I just say how nice it is to have a page where people of mind AND faith can come to appreciate the wonders God has created. R.C. December 2014

I really take a huge interest in the post from this page. It's a great way for me to explore more of my Christian walk while also being able to keep my scientific curiosity. MP

Firstly thank you and keep up the great work you are doing on your page! PJF October 2013

Thanks for making this page! I'm a physics undergrad with interests in all branches of science, and I am a Christian as well. I enjoy your page and posts. Thank you for sharing.  M.M. May 2013.

You guys are truly a great page that helps people grow in their faith, as well as educates them about science. God bless you all!  T.W. May 2013

I'm feeling pretty ecstatic to find a place on Facebook where Religion and Science can co-exist. J.H. January 2013

"I feel like I've hit a gold mine ;)))) love this FB page!"  D.M. October 2012

"I just wanted to say this:  I am an agnostic who normally finds the Christian stuff online to be sickeningly closed-minded. This page, however, is different. It showed me that I was being closed-minded about Christians, and I need to open my heart to them once more. If God exists, I'm sure he would be proud of his people right now."  J.S. Sept  2012.

"You guys have really inspired me to accept theistic evolution. Or at least consider it more and show more openness to it." D.C. August  2012.