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If there's anything Creation tells us of God’s character, it's that he loves diversity: of colors, shapes, forms, and means of artistic expression.  Grace Chapel aims to have a comprehensive representation of the arts in the life of the Church - from performing arts to literary art to dramatic art to visual art.

The Art Gallery aims to provide an opportunity for regional visual artists to share their gifting, and enables others within Grace Chapel and the local community to enjoy and appreciate the many works of fine art on display. 

Grace Chapel’s Art Gallery, located at the Lexington campus beside the café, displays six themed exhibitions a year, each showing around 50 pieces in diverse styles by various New England artists. 

The art is inspiring and uplifting. We invite you to come and check it out!


May 14 - June 20, 2016

Call for Entries: We seek entries for our upcoming show "Collaborations." Artists from surrounding communities are invited to submit up to two pieces of artwork for our juried, themed exhibitions. Artists do not have to attend Grace Chapel to submit artwork. See 'Artist Information' (on our side panel) for more general information, or inquire via email for more specific details regarding this show. ( )

Drop Off Date: Saturday April 30 (9:30 am-12:00pm)

Pick Up dates: Wednesday June 22 (5:30-7:00pm) or Saturday June 25 or Saturday June 25 (9:30am-12:00pm)

Opening Reception: Saturday May 14, 2016




Thursdays during shows, 1:00 – 6:00pm.

Also accessible on Sundays during service times, and when the church building is open.


We celebrate each exhibition at an opening reception, with refreshments and usually an artist demo. 

Our gallery has been showing juried, themed exhibitions for nine years. The purpose of every exhibit is to enhance the aesthetic environment at Grace Chapel, to honor the visual arts and to celebrate the artists’ creative and artistic talents.

We welcome the submissions of artists from all over New England. (Artists do not need to be Grace Chapel attendees to contribute artwork.)

Work selected is displayed in diverse and interesting, themed exhibitions and may be available to purchase.  An Opening Reception with refreshments is offered for each show, as a way for you to ‘mix and mingle’ with the artists, hear about their work and their process, and also to watch a ‘live’ artist demonstration – informative, interesting and inspiring!  

We pray that this gallery will be a feast for the eyes and a nourishment for the soul and spirit with Goodness, Truth, and Beauty.

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