True Belonging: Home Edition

If there’s one place we all should feel like we belong, it’s home, right? But feeling great about our home life doesn’t always come easily. Busy schedules, stressed relationships, past hurts, and even screen time can all eat away at our sense of connection with the people closest to us. So how do we build a more sustainable, more satisfying life with our loved ones at home?

The Bible has some surprisingly relevant messages for the modern family dealing with the issues of today. So whatever your family looks like – traditional or not, blended or extended – we invite you to come join us for our True Belonging: Home Edition message series this January.

True Belonging: Home Edition Messages

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Trust Walking

January 13, 2019 | Bryan Wilkerson- Senior Pastor

Our homes become places of True Belonging when we learn to trust each other with our deepest needs and longings.

“Welcome to the (Holy) Family”

January 6, 2019 | Tim Ghali- Pastor, Community Life

It’s easy to wonder if the people closest to you really get you. Maybe it would have been easier for you had they been more emotionally-supportive and more informed. You are not first to wonder if you really belong in your family. We...

The Not-So-Holy Family

January 6, 2019 | Bryan Wilkerson- Senior Pastor

It’s revealing that we’re given only one story from Jesus’ home life, and it’s a story of conflict.