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GC Science is a network of scientists at Grace Chapel dedicated to helping the congregation integrate mainstream science and Christian faith. We seek to minister to the needs of scientists within the Grace Chapel community and serve as a scientific resource to pastoral staff. 

We sponsor a number of activities, including monthly book club discussions and courses that promote the compatibility between science and faith. We also have a very active Facebook page.

We are committed to answering science and faith questions and promote the view that science and Christian faith are compatible. We are unified by our shared commitment to Christ but diverse in our views on origins. Learn more about our history.

Want to learn more? The Grace Chapel Library at our Lexington Campus is home to several books on the topic of faith and science. Check out our list of recommended readings!

Online Courses

This video from the Biologos foundation claims that the "science and faith conflict" is a myth. What do you think? Do you agree?

Are science and faith in conflict? Are genetically modified crops safe to eat, or do they harm the environment? Are atheism or young earth creationism the only options?  What about global warming? Watch our online courses and join in the conversation!

Cosmos and the Creator |  Keeping Faith in a World of Changing Technology |  Engaging Science and Faith with Confidence  |  Controversial Topics in Cutting-Edge Science  |  Following Christ in a Scientific World  |  Wrestling with Science and Faith  |  Are Your Kids Safe In Science Class?



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Karma Carrier, Ph.D.
Tim Ghali, Pastor of Community Life

GC Science Advisory Group
Karma Carrier, Ph.D.
Sarah Wolinski, Ph.D.
Steve Schaffner, Ph.D.
Margie Bose, M.S.


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