The Reformation: Context, Characters, Controversies, and Consequences

08.30.15 | Articles

    With Tim & Paula Castner
    Fall 2013

    The Reformation is one of the defining turning points in the history of the Church. Central and Western Europe were decisively split between Catholic and various Protestant camps sparking wars, theological controversies, martyrs, and  new denominations and national churches. Come join with us as we explore the key events and controversies of the Reformation and the ways that they continue to shape the face of contemporary Christianity.

    Week 1: Introduction: Brief Review of the Major Themes of Church History

    Week 1 Slides
    Week 1 Handout - Martin Luther

    Week 2: Medieval Christianity

    Week 2 Slides
    Week 2 Handout - Julian of Norwich

    Week 3: The World in 1500

    Week 3 Slides
    Week 3 Handout - Utopia and Christopher Columbus

    Week 4: Martin Luther and the German Reformation

    Week 4 Slides
    Week 4 Handout - Martin Luther's 95 Theses

    Week 5: The Reformation in Switzerland

    Week 5 Slides
    Week 5 Handout - The Marburg Colloquy

    Week 6: Fires of Radicalism – The Anabaptist Challenge

    Week 6 Slides
    Week 6 Handout - Letter of Conrad Grebel et al. to Thomas Müntzer

    Week 7: John Calvin – Genevan Crucible

    Week 7 Slides
    Week 7 Handout - John Calvin on Predestination

    Week 8: France and the Netherlands – Reform and Reaction

    Week 8 Slides
    Week 8 Handout - Belgic Confession

    Week 9: 7 Wives and one Church – Reformation England and Scotland

    Week 9 Slides
    Week 9 Handout - Lady Jane Gray

    Week 10: The Catholic Reformation – Toward the Council of Trent

    Week 10 Slides
    Week 10 Handout - Theresa of Ávila

    Week 11: The Catholic Reformation – Toward a Global Church

    Week 11 Slides
    Week 11 Handout - The Life and Captivity of Miss Eunice Williams

    Week 12: Legacies and continuing controversies

    Week 12 Slides
    Week 12 Handout - Evangelii Gaudium