The History of GC Science

10.06.15 | Science

    A small group of about ten scientists from the Grace Chapel congregation began to meet together in August 2010, forming a Science and Faith Book Club discussion group. This discussion group continues to meet once a month to discuss books or recent articles on science and faith.

    In addition, we have donated a number of science books for the church library, begun an email mail list of additional Grace Chapel members, and set up collaborative efforts with the BioLogos Foundation.

    In January 2011, we presented a four-part adult discipleship course titled “Are Your Children Safe In Science Class?” for evangelical parents who had concerns about their children learning modern science in public schools.

    In October 2011, we presented a four-part series for the high school audience.

    Scientists in Congregations
    The group was awarded a ‘Scientists in Congregations’ grant from the Templeton Foundation for science and faith programming in 2011-2012. 

    Project activities include creating this website, our new logo, and several additional activities:

    • Identify scientists and science professionals within the congregation.
    • Collaborate with church leadership on topics of science and faith.
    • Conduct annual science and faith education classes for both teens and adults.
    • Expand science resources available to the congregation in the church library.
    • Establish annual social event for scientists within the congregation.