The Bible Society of Egypt (BSOE)

05.16.16 | Articles

    ministry focus: word

    Egypt – The Bible Society of Egypt exists to make the Scriptures available and accessible to all in Egypt, at an affordable price, in a language people can understand, and in ways and programs that can help each one comprehend the message and effectively apply it. The primary strength of the Bible Society of Egypt is our vision and our ability to penetrate all of society with a very broad and extensive impact, serving both the church and the majority. As the Bible publisher for all the churches of Egypt, we support and enable all the various ministries with creative Scripture resources and tools.  Our main focus continues to be to strengthen and deepen Christians in their faith, and to equip them with materials that they can share with their neighbours as well. We take a deliberate role in affirming basic Biblical truths to people of all classes and persuasions, all ages and economic and educational levels, providing the way to easily access affordable and understandable Scriptures. We seek out creative and non-traditional means of reaching people otherwise unaware of the Scriptures, through participation in book fairs, exhibitions and festivals, permanent and temporary outlets with free home delivery. Public marketing of the Bible through Highway Billboards, Press and TV ads is raising awareness and making the Bible a familiar sight in Egypt.

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