Following Christ in a Scientific World

09.07.15 | Articles

    With the GC Science Team
    Fall 2012

    Scientists at Grace Chapel will empower Christians to face the challenges presented by modern science by explaining how science and Christian faith can be reconciled. Personal testimonies and Biblical approaches to addressing science and faith issues will make it easy to answer questions on evolution and other scientific theories.

    Week 1: Framing the Question

    Sarah Wolinski

    Week 1 Slides
    Week 1 Table Discussion Questions

    Week 2: History of Science/Faith

    Margie Bose

    Week 2 Slides
    Week 2 Handout
    Mark Noll: A Galileo Moment?

    Week 3: Origin and Design of the Universe

    Dennis Rathman

    Week 3 Slides
    Week 3 Table Discussion Questions

    Week 4: Scripture & Science 1: Nonconcordist

    Steve Schaffner and Sarah Wolinski


    Week 4 Slides

    Week 5: Scripture & Science 2: Concordist

    Dennis Rathman

    Week 5 Slides

    Week 6: Age of Earth, Origin of Life

    Karma Carrier and Margie Bose

    Week 6 Slides

    Week 7: Evolution

    Steve Schaffner

    Week 7 Slides

    Week 8: Origin and Nature of Humans

    Steve Schaffner

    Week 8 Slides

    Week 9: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes

    Sarah Wolinski (based on John Walton lecture)

    Biologos Forum clips (watch introduction before clicking on this link)

    Week 10: Responding to Atheists

    Karma Carrier

    Week 10 Slides

    Week 11: How to Live as a Christian in a Scientific World

    GC Science Teaching Team

    Week 11 Slides