Controversial Topics in Cutting-Edge Science

09.07.15 | Articles

    With GC Science representatives Karma Carrier, Steve Schaffner, Margie Bose, Sarah Wolinski
    January 2014

    This four-part course, presented by the Grace Chapel science group, will focus on controversial topics in science including stem cells, genetic engineering, vaccines, and global warming. A detailed discussion of the topics will be accompanied by an examination of the controversies and the biblical approaches we as Christians should be taking when approaching these interesting topics.

    Week 1: Stem cells and human cloning (Steve Schaffner)

    What are stem cells, and why was there a controversy? Does our technology change how we view human beings?

    Week 2: Vaccines (Sarah Wolinski)

    Do they work? Are they safe? Should we be forced to get them?

    Week 3: Genetically modified crops (Karma Carrier)

    Are they safe to eat? Do they damage the environment?

    Week 4: Global warming (Dorothy Boorse, Gordon College)

    Is it real? Are humans causing it? Can we stop it?