Calling All Parents: Raising Children of Faith in a Material World

09.07.15 | Articles

    With Mark Cannister and Team
    Fall 2008

    This course is designed for parents with children of all ages.  In it we will focus on the joys, challenges, and responsibilities of raising children of faith in a secular culture that is increasingly marked by consumerism and individualism.  Join dozens of parents working through similar child-rearing issues.

    Week 1: No Perfect Parents Allowed

    Mark Cannister

    Week 2: First Things First: The Importance of Parenting

    Karen Wilkerson

    Week 3: Dare to Dream: Re-Imagining the Potential of our Children

    Mary and Katie Whallon

    Week 4: A View from the Other Side: Reflections on Being Parented

    College Student Panel

    Week 5: Leadership Parenting: The Power of Setting Boundaries

    Todd Szymczak

    Week 6: Communication: Building Relationships with our Children

    Todd Szymczak

    Week 7: Overflow Parenting: Raising Children out of the Depth of our Faith

    Brian Dietz

    Week 8: Life Together: The Influence of Time Together as a Family

    Barry O'Brien

    Week 9: Neverending Change: Developmental Milestones for Girls

    Dori Rhodes

    Week 10: Neverending Change: Developmental Milestones for Boys

    Dori Rhodes

    Week 11: Shepherding Children: The Powerful Role of Discipline

    Karen Wilkerson

    Week 12: Rites of Passage: Signs on the Roadway Toward Adulthood

    Julie VanAntwerp

    Week 13: The Patience of a Parent: The Patience of a Saint

    Barry O'Brien

    Week 14: Gaining Respect: Avoiding Rebellion by Cultivating Cooperation

    Jim Ennis