Are Your Kids Safe in Science Class?

09.07.15 | Articles

    With Dr. Karma Carrier, Dr. Stephen Schaffner, and Dr. Sarah Wolinski of the GC Science Team
    January 2011

    This course is designed for parents who are concerned about their children being taught evolution and other scientific theories that could destroy their faith in God. Classes will be taught by GC members who are also members of the scientific community. Their testimonies will provide examples of how they have reconciled their own faith in God with science. An opportunity to learn a biblical approach for questions on this topic.

    Week 1: Framing the question: A theological perspective on how to read Genesis

    Week 2: Atheism and young earth creationism: Are they our only options?

    Week 3: Reconciling science and the Bible, part 1: Scientific concordism

    Week 4: Reconciling science and the Bible, part 2: Evolutionary creationism