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by Leah Knight Breton on January 07, 2022

We’re all living in an in-between time right now—as families, as a nation, as a church. We’re in- between a pre- and post-pandemic world. The life we used to know isn’t coming back, but the new reality hasn’t arrived yet—and we don’t know when it will.

This winter, we’re looking back to another in-between time for God’s people—the Babylonian exile—and remembering God’s promises to them and to us through the prophet Isaiah. In a teaching series called Promiseland, we’ll learn that God’s promises can not only see us through this in-between time, but prepare the way for better times to come.

Running along with our teaching series, Promiseland, we have a new Promiseland blog.

Whether you've seen that week's sermon or not, these posts will walk through the scripture with you as you read along in Isaiah and discover God's promises. Check back each Wednesday for the next post in the series.

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