Life Community Leader Resources


  • 2018-19 Calendar - Life Community weeks and special LC events (view PDF version here)
  • Leaders Link - Most recent newsletter from the LC Staff Team
  • Group Agreement - Template for developing an agreement or covenant with your group (email if you cannot access the Word Doc)
  • LC Leader Covenant
  • Become a LC Leader



  • Selecting Study Resources - This article provides a few guidelines to help you and your LC select the best study resources for your group
  • Life Community Study Guide - During our Life Community weeks this guide will be a Bible study that tracks with our sermon series
  • Hard copies of published Bible studies - Click on the link to view the list of study guides owned by Grace Chapel and available for LC Leaders to borrow. These resources are kept in Elsie Kitchen's office. There are additional resources available in the Grace Chapel Library.
  • Streamable video-based curriculum - RightNow Media offers video-based Bible study curriculum that can be streamed to your computer or other device - it's like a Bible study version of Netflix. Grace Chapel has a subscription to RightNow media so that you can access this content for free. To receive an invitation to RightNow Media, click here. To preview the types of studies that are available, click here.
  • What have LCs studied recently? - Check out this list to get the juices flowing
  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory - If you or a member of your Life Community are looking for guidance in identifying your spiritual gifts, complete this electronic Spiritual Gifts Inventory (hard copy available upon request)
  • GPS Tool - This tool is designed to explore how God has uniquely called and equipped you to find your "Go," using the rubric of gifts, passion, and season


Impact Opportunities - Ideas of how your Life Community can get involved in service beyond the borders of your group

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