Kidstown Summer Schedule

Kidstown Summer schedule runs June 30 - September 1. There is a place for every child infant through elementary ages!

Curious about serving in Children's Ministry? Summer is a great time to test the water. Help our school-year small group leaders recharge their batteries over the summer, and sign up to serve for 1 or 2 Sundays to help out.

  Volunteer in Kidstown This Summer!

Lexington Campus

Kidstown Elementary 9:15am & 11:00am

In July and August our Kidstown elementary team will host a large group style worship environment in G-9 for all children currently in grades K-4th grade (5th graders will “move-up” to middle school!) during both hours of worship. We will start the day with worship music and large group teaching.  Then children will participate in small groups rotating through supporting activity centers to reinforce what they've just learned. For more information, contact Ashley Pinciaro.

Kidstown Early Childhood 9:15am & 11:00am

Classes will be open for all Infant, Toddler, and Preschool children through age 5 (entering Kinder) during both hours of worship. Since we give our school year volunteers the summer off so they can be recharged for the fall, we will be staffing the early childhood rooms with summer volunteers, parents, and student helpers. All supervised by staff and key leaders. For more information, contact Missy Stanaford.

GC@Nite - 5:00PM

Infant through Preschool childcare only

Special Needs – SHINE 9:15am & 11:00am

WOW Summer! WOW stands for "Worship Our Way," and that's exactly what we do...worship in whatever way you feel comfortable. During the summer months, we open room G8 for family-style worship. Families, volunteers, and children of all abilities are able to worship together in one room. This is a very flexible and understanding environment. Dancing, singing, "getting your wiggles out," fidget toys, etc. are all encouraged. The service will be live streamed. 

Family Room

The Family Room (just to the right of the main sanctuary) will be open all summer for those families desiring a smaller space to worship with their children. Service is live-streamed.

Nursing mothers’ room

Adjacent to the nurseries in Kidstown is a special quiet room for nursing mothers. Service is live-streamed.

Wilmington 9:15am & 11:00am

Infant through Preschool programs available at both hours; K-2nd elementary students* will meet upstairs in Kidstown at the 9:15am service (3rd-5th elementary students will worship with their families). For more information, contact Angela Rogers. 
*Infant through preschool only on Sept 1, Labor Day Weekend.

Watertown 9:30am & 11:10am

Infant through Preschool programs available at both hours. K-2nd elementary students will meet downstairs in Kidstown at the 9:30am service only (3rd-5th elementary students will worship with their families). For more information, contact contact La Nascimento.

East Lexington 10:30am

Kidstown will be provided for our infants through 5th grade. For more information, contact Kate Fox.

Foxboro 9:30am & 11:00AM

Infant through Preschool programs are available at both hours. K-5th elementary students will meet upstairs in Kidstown at the 9:30am service only. For more information, contact Rita MacKinnon.