Rediscovering Jesus

I. The Inescapable Man

The world's been talking about Jesus for 2000 years. Debating him. Praising him. Mocking him. Painting him, writing about him, making films about him, outlawing him, legislating him. Following him.

He's different. He's not like other people. And he's not the labels and stigmas and baggage we've attached to him.

If your experience with Jesus has been off-putting, or made you angry, or drove you away - or if you've simply never cared - this year's for you. Whatever Jesus has been in your life, there's more.

If you've been following Jesus for a long time and think you know him pretty well, great! Don't stop where you are. Come and look closer, dig in, and don't be afraid to challenge some of what you think you know.

To understand the life and teachings of a man whose public career spanned three years, two thousand years ago, it's not easy! This year here at Grace Chapel, we're going to go after this with our hearts and our minds, and we invite you to join the conversation. Come join us any Sunday at any of our locations and explore the Christian faith for yourself. 

II. Traces of Promise

We typically associate Jesus with the New Testament – the gospels and the writings of the early church.  But there are traces of Jesus all through the Old Testament, some of them buried deep in the dirt of human history.  As we uncover them, they are going to give us fresh insight into Who Jesus was and is, Why he came, and What it means for us today.  

So whether you are a seeker, a skeptic, a student, or a saint, we invite you to make the journey with us and discover things we might have missed or misunderstood about Jesus, so that we can better decide who he is, and how we respond to Him today.


The Essential Jesus

The Essential Jesus  devotional is a collaboration of 100 essential readings of our faith’s central figure in both the Old and New Testament. 

Copies of this book are available at all four of our campuses for a $10 suggested donation. Can't pick up a copy on Sunday? The Essential Jesus is also available on Amazon.