Lexington- Respectable Sins Study (Online)

Leader: Katherine Clark

When: Sunday, 9:15 am - 10:30 am

Category: Short-Term Groups


Have we as Christians stopped talking about sin? Oh, sure, we talk about big, societal sins, but are we truly confronting the everyday sins in our lives that we consider to be "small" sins? What sins have we as an American church just sort of passed over as being "acceptable"? And how can we gain a better perspective as to the true damage that all sin does, and confront it wherever we find it in our lives? Jerry Bridges tackles these questions with honesty and humility in his book "Respectable Sins", which will be a guide for our class conversations. 

Led by Katherine Clark, this group will run from September 27 through December 20. We encourage you to purchase either the paper or digital copy of the book ahead of time.

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